Pau Aguiló was born in Mallorca in August 2002 into a family with a very personal relationship with art. He grew up in a small forest on the outskirts of Algaida, a town in the interior of the island. Without wifi, his contact with the world was comprised of some illustrated books and films with historical themes. There, Pau developed a passion for drawing as a game. To this day, the use of imagination, landscape and historical elements continue to be pillars of his work to which many others have joined throughout his life.

After a period in the city of Palma between the ages of ten and fifteen, he became interested in urban life and exchanged his pencils for graffiti cans. Before finishing, he went to a remote town in Ireland where he spent a year rediscovering his passion for fine arts. Today he lives and works in London where this year he completed his degree in "fine arts" at Camberwell University of Arts in London.


A constant search for satisfaction after achieving a technical achievement as well as subsequent dissatisfaction when observing what the next step could be. They make, together with a rich amalgam of cultural and personal experiences; Voluntarily and involuntarily, Pau Aguiló's work always looks for new themes for new paintings, new situations for new scenes, new ways of repeating strokes and uses of the material in a different order, new ways for the oil technique to accompany it, as well like the search for the feeling that only the manufacturing of the piece gives in a unique and different way.

The construction of worlds and the fascination with human societies make Aguiló's work superficially perceived as a surrealism that is at times deconstructivist and original. But it hides a critical and/or poetic observation of the human condition from its individuality and circumstances. The history of various mostly Western periods, films of all kinds, illustrations by masters such as Goya to comics, contemporary and classical painting as well as many other elements come together in the inspiration of his work, reflecting today's eclectic world through his brush.


  • Sunset Ripple: Subtitle Labs with Good Mother Gallery (DownTown LA, USA) August 2023. Group Show.
  • Impressions, Subtitle Labs ( London, Notting Hill). March 2023. Group Exhibition.
  • Urvanity art Fair, Galeria Espacio liquido and La gran gallery (Madrid, colegio de Arquitectos) February 2023.  Group Exhibition.
  • PANORAMA, Galeria Fran Reus (Palma de Mallorca) January 2023. Group exhibition.
  • LONDON PAINT CLUB Selects Vol.2 (Koppel Project Space, Picadilly Circus 48 Regent street) London 26-27 November, 2022 Group exhibition

  • Xhibit (New bond street) 2022 Group exhibition 
  • Mixing it up(APT Gallery) London Group exhibition 2021
  • Artdemossa- Valldemossa July  2019 Collective  exhibition 
  • Spaidart Gallery- Felanitx 1 June - 30 June 2019 Solo exhibition 
  • Nit de l’art 2018 (night of the art) — Palma de Mallorca September  2018 Collective exhibition  
  • Magazine  HILO Illustration “tower under attack” —Bilbao Edition 2012 :  Chosen drawing from the online gallery the kids gallery.  created by Fernando Guillén


  • The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow-Portfolio Development Summer School  July  2019
  • IES Josep Maria Llompart,  Palma de Mallorca— Artistic Bachelor Course 2018-2019
  • Largy College, Clones, Co, Monaghan, Ireland— fourth year of secondary school abroad   Course 2017-2018
  • Colegio Sant Josep Obrer— Palma de Mallorca  Primary and secondary school Course 2008-2016
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